Just a Family Vacation Pt. 1

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Change of plans. Originally, I was going to post a video highlighting a couple of my favorite pictures from my monthly travels on YouTube. However, after writing a couple of these entries, I’ve decided I enjoy this, and that I want to tell those newer photo stories here, mixed in with some of my stories I’ve been sharing from the past.

So let’s get into it, here are some of my favorite photos from my most recent trip to Florida with my family, documented in my YouTube video Just a Family Vacation.


The waves were exceptionally violent, combine that with the wind blowing and the temp sitting around 50 degrees, and it maybe wasn’t the best beach day, but we were in Florida, staying no more than a couple hundred yards from the beach, of course we were going to come walk in the sand.

I had my Sony RX10 IV taking some videos and snapping some pics of the fam, as well as the waves crashing, and the seagulls taking off and landing, but I wanted to get a different perspective on our beach day. I had my Mavic Air drone with me but flying in high winds is never a safe or smart choice… but I’m not really one for safety.

I launched it from my hand and flew it straight up, taking videos as I flew down the coast, panned up and down catching the waves crashing, and then finally, flew straight above my head, and brought the drone to a hover. I knew what shot I wanted, it’s been done countless times and definitely done better, but I still wanted my own version. I brought the gimbal holding the camera down to 90 degrees where it was pointing straight down at me and then flew it a bit further out to sea, so I was just at the edge of the frame, and I clicked away.

I was very happy with how the photos turned out, I added a slight edit to it, adding in some much-needed color, as it was particularly grey that afternoon, but didn’t go too crazy on it. I landed the drone back in my hand and tucked it away safely in my backpack, I’d use it again soon, and that story is one of the craziest/luckiest experiences with a drone I’ve ever had.


All the guys of the family had decided a few weeks prior to take a fishing trip while we were in Florida, Dad had booked it and we were all very excited to get out on the water. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge fisherman, but I love getting to experience things that are outside of my daily norm and doing it with people I love only makes it better. So, we set out at around 7:30 with high hopes and lots of layers on.

The captain had told us that the seas were going to be rough, and he wasn’t optimistic about catching anything as the weather wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t hurt our spirits one bit. There was an indoor cabin we would later move into, but we stayed outside as we moved away from shore, watching the towering condominiums shrink into nothing more than dots on the horizon.

As we sped away from land, and toward the open ocean, the sun tried to break through a group of clouds a couple miles ahead of us. It was overcast and pretty windy on the water, and it didn’t seem like the sun wanted to make a lasting appearance, just a peek here and there. One of those peeks came straight out ahead of us, as a group of sun rays broke through the clouds on the horizon. I was sitting on the side of the deck and leaned out and started snapping away, I took a couple tight shots down the side of the boat, and then a few wide, with the wake we were creating in frame. After some editing to bring out the oranges and yellows of the sun, I was beyond happy with the final photos.

The fishing trip was a huge success, and we had a great time, but this won’t be the last story from that trip. Part 2 of this post will be up soon, and I’ll tell you all about how I almost made a thousand-dollar mistake.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video if you’re interested in checking that out!

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