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"Life is all about how you handle plan B." This is a quote a good friend shared with me last year that I felt perfectly described the creation of this company. I spent 3 semesters in college studying Electronic Media, which gave me a great opportunity to familiarize myself with different cameras and softwares, it also affirmed my passion for creating and being behind the camera. Capturing moments through photo and video with friends and family gave me a chance to relive those shared experiences, and to share those moments with those close to me. Those 3 semesters were vital to my development as a creator, but I realized that finishing school was not for me. At that time I had a clear path for my future, following a dream that I had for many years through high school and those years in college. After nearly 2 years of focusing on that path I was forced to change directions. At first I was a bit lost, but I picked the camera back up in the meantime and began traveling with my dad and brother on various hunting and fishing trips. Capturing those experiences while running and gunning with my cameras reignited that passion for creating that I discovered in college. In February of 2020 I founded ReRoute, in April of 2020 I tested for and received my Part 107 license, allowing me to fly drones commercially. In the years since its inception, ReRoute Media has filmed dozens of hunts, photographed dozens of ultramarathons and worked with various companies on all different types of media creation. We are currently in production for our first full length documentary, with our eyes set on the Sundance Film Festival. This year we are shifting gears just a bit, focusing wholly on creating in the outdoor space. From hunts, to backpacking, working with gear companies in the outdoors and anything else that allows us to create content in the great outdoors. It has been a rollercoaster that I have enjoyed every second of and I am excited and motivated to continue to grow and evolve as we continue to move forward. 


Joshua Sagraves
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