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About Me

Videographer, Photographer, Adventurer, Story Teller
For as long as I can remember I have loved adventure, from climbing onto our roof with my brother when were far too young to be doing so, to backpacking over snow covered passes in the North Cascades Mountains, I believe that in order for life to be fully lived we have to break out of our daily grind from time to time and take some risks. As Yes Theory puts it, 'Seek Discomfort'. It wasn't until 5 years ago that I realized if I carried a camera with me on my adventures, I was essentially giving myself the ability to relive that moment.

Since then, I have carried a camera with me just about everywhere I have traveled. Family cruises, day hikes with friends, month long backpacking trips, kayaking with my brother, deep sea fishing, hunting trips, whatever it is, the camera is there with me. As much as I enjoy editing and reliving those experiences for myself from time to time, the only thing that brings me more joy than that, is being able to share that video with the ones I shared the experience with, and seeing their joy in being able to relive that experience, and remember each and every detail

Now I want even more people to be able to experience that, I believe that I have the experience and the skillset to accompany anyone, anywhere and capture their adventure. Whether it's a day hike in your local park, or a week long trophy hunt in the mountains, I want to be there with you to capture that experience. If you have an exciting trip or experience coming up, shoot me an email with the details of your trip and I would be more than happy to send you a cost estimate completely free!
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